J  A   N   E   T       M   C   A   D   A   M   S

Janet McAdams is a writer with a powerful and original voice, as readers of her poetry know well. Red Weather is an outstanding novel, from first graceful page to last.

--Katharine Weber,
   author of The Memory Of All That        


Driven with beautiful balance by stories and characters, Janet McAdams' Red Weather breathes new life into the radical legacy of the Native 1970s. In prose that recalls Joan Didion's Salvador, McAdams offers reasons to hope for rain, dawn, and even justice.

--Robert Warrior

The Debut Novel of
The American Book Award Winning Poet

In Red Weather, Janet McAdams' lovely, lyrical first novel, her young Native American protagonist, Neva, travels to a small Central American country, in the hopes of learning what she needs to know about her family. Neva's story evolves slowly, through a mosaic of beautifully rendered moments set against the somber backdrop of revolution. McAdams writes exquisite, crystalline prose, and Neva's story is both moving and elegiac.

--Roxana Robinson, author of Cost


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